Home Addition Ideas for you here in Minneapolis, MN.

Adding that extra room, bathroom, or simply square footage can change your home for the better. The issues you’ve been having with your home CAN be resolved. Leaving you happy with your neighborhood AND the home you’re in.

We all know how long the winters can be here in Minnesota – how no matter how hard we try to not bring in the salt and snow from outside it happens! Look at this gorgeous addition we did for the perfect entry way – lots of storage for your coats, boots, hats, gloves and room to sit down and take your shoes off without bringing the mess inside the rest of the house. There is even room for more than a couple people so you don’t have to freeze outside.

Seeing the addition from outside – you can tell that it blends perfectly with the house, giving you extra square footage if you are wanting to sell and ease of access for yourself!

The most common addition we do for homes in the Minneapolis, St Paul area is a kitchen bump out. We simply add 6-8 feet along the width of your house giving you more space in your kitchen. (while also adding an additional bathroom or mudroom) With a lack of bathrooms on the main floor of many older homes in the Minneapolis and St Paul metro area, adding a half bath can drastically improve the usability of your home. We all know a 10 x 10 kitchen just doesn’t work in today’s modern living. A larger kitchen can drastically affect how you feel about your home. See how the extra space below has given this client plenty of room for their table.

kitchen addition
Another common addition is adding a room to the side of the house.
You can gain a family room, library, or office on the ground floor and potentially finish the second story as well. We’ve helped many homeowners go from 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom to 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms. It’s a change that will give you the space and functionality needed. Also, depending on your budget we can also add space to your basement or create a storage area under the additional room – we all need to hide that winter gear once spring arrives!
We have also helped homeowners add a second story onto their existing ramblers, which is another unique way to add the needed square footage while staying in the location you love.
Need more addition ideas for your home? Contact us today to see how we can help you get started!

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