Our Remodeling Design Process

You might have dealt (or are dealing) with contractors who try to push their ideas on you. They try to tell you how to design your home rather than listening to you. It’s something we hear often. At House Lift we are on your side. Listening to what you have been dreaming of and offering our advice on how to get there quicker.
We’ve worked with over 1500 homeowners in the Twin Cities area. We have the experience to understand your home and help you discover what will work best for you and your family when designing the future of your home.

In just the metro Minneapolis and St Paul area we’ve remodeled, added rooms, and stories to hundreds of homes. We understand exactly what can be done and the best options for almost every situation. We can handle design internally or work with some fantastic architects depending on the scope or needs of your project.
We want to work with you to get the project to where you need it. We prefer to establish rapport rather than pushing you to sign for anything. We’ll give you a rough idea of what the cost will be and lay out the scope on the first visit. (opposed to pushing you into signing before getting a bid) We give you the quality and experience you need to complete your project.



Lower Levels
Porches & Decks
Whole House

Understand your project before you pay anything.
Some contractors might try to push their ideas on you.  It's a complaint we hear often.  At House Lift we are on your side. Listening to what you want to accomplish and offering suggestions to get your there quicker.
Multiple COTY Award Winners
and Honorable Mentions