Small Kitchen Designs for Minneapolis Owners

 The kitchen is really the heart of a family – place to cook and have meals, entertaining friends and family conversations, storage place for decor and accents, or a quiet evening with a glass of wine. You can still have all of these things even if you feel like your Kitchen is too small – we are here to help design the perfect small kitchen for you and all your family’s needs!

small kitchen design

Having your appliances built into the cabinet structure will open up the space immensely and adding in an extra drawer underneath is a good way to give you more storage! Bringing the cabinets to the ceiling gives extra storage and lengthens the room.

small kitchen design.

Small Kitchen Designs can come in all shapes and sizes… having windows across the whole wall will really brighten your space, along with multiple lights throughout the ceiling.

Mixing up the handles and drawer knobs is a great option for your cabinets in a smaller space! The crisp lines of these counter tops with the wider trimming on these cabinets adds a great eye catching detail when first walking into the room.

SMALL kitchen design

 The extra counter space and cabinets in between the refrigerator and entry way is a great place to store your keys, mail, set your groceries down on when walking in the door – is also perfect for a coffee bar when hosting!

Small Kitchen Design

We love the showcasing detail on this kitchen and extra shelving space! Even though the Kitchen is long with large appliances we created it so that more than one person can be standing on either side of the kitchen and you are not bumping into each others’ backs!

See more pictures of this Kitchen HERE 

Small Kitchen Designs in Minneapolis

These Kitchen are fantastic examples of how our experts here at House Lift can make your smaller kitchen feel and look amazing. There are always more options for a small kitchen design than you would believe – Contact Us today to see what we can do for you!


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