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3 Spring Updates For Your House

Spring is a time for renewal and rejuvenation. After months of a cold, dry, and dreary Minnesota Winter, we all feel ready to embrace the Spring weather. If you’re feeling the urge to update your home, here are three ways to embrace the Spring season in your home with style.

1. Flowers and Plants

Brighten up your house with some freshly cut flowers or potted plants. Next grocery haul pick up some fresh flowers or plants from the grocery store or order online at marketplaces like Amazon for added convenience.

Another way to welcome the Spring into your home is to plant an indoor garden which will make your house feel Spring-ready as it brings the outdoors indoors. You can build a beautiful Spring garden inside by installing a rack, hanging capabilities, or an indoor trellis. To make sure you choose the right plants for your house read The Spruce guide to indoor plants for your best indoor garden. If you’re worried about remembering to water your plants, there are many custom, self-watering systems available for installation.

All the plants and flowers in your house will improve air quality; making the house feel healthier and happier. Between mini-cactus desk plants to roses in a vase to a full indoor garden, there’s no place in your house that couldn’t use some plants to liven it up.

2. Colors

It’s time to whip out your feather-duster and paintbrush! Breathe life back into your home and repaint a room or two with some bright colors; try sage, seafoam, coral, and mustard for an updated look.

Now is the time to invest in some light and fun furniture; switch out your dark wood bench for some airy wicker chairs. Transform a room’s ambiance by changing the lampshades on your chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps for some fun and brightly colored ones that match your interior. You can ask your vendor for custom lampshades to express your personal style for added luxurious and custom features.

Minnesota Winter drives us towards dark colors for the cozy warmth they offer in the Winter. But with Spring here, it’s time to replace all the blacks and browns with cheery primary colors.

3. Sunrooms, Patios, Balconies, Decks

As Spring approaches, certain areas of your house become more appealing. Now is the time to consider if your sunroom, patio, balcony, or deck needs to be updated before summer. Even if you don’t want to fully renovate these areas, swap out a chair or side table for some new, fresh stylish furniture for a Spring makeover. Try finding bright throw pillows, side tables, and couches to welcome the warmer weather.

Maybe your balcony or deck would be the perfect place for your indoor or outdoor garden. If you enjoy reading, why not create a stylish and functional reading nook by installing hammocks, custom outdoor bookshelves, and refinishing the deck so it’s sliver free. Balconies and decks will look great with a fresh coat of paint, refinished flooring, and some garden-inspired furniture. These indoor-outdoor areas of your home are ideal for entertaining and relaxing in during Spring and summer, and you want to make sure they’re ready.

Facelift with HouseLift

Give your house a Spring facelift with HouseLift. Updating your house for Spring can be overwhelming, especially if you want to be spending your time enjoying Spring. Before starting your Spring project, call a professional at HouseLift. We give free consultations where a remodeling expert can help you figure out your project realistically and accurately. Contact us and start upgrading your Minnesota home for Spring today.

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