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4 Summer Home Improvement Projects

The first day of summer is this Saturday and it’s already warm and sunny in Minnesota. If you’ve been thinking about tackling a few home improvement projects this summer, now’s the time to do it! Here are four summer home improvement projects to think about:

1. Powerwash Your Home’s Exterior

Give your walkways and home exterior the high-power shower that they need, just make sure to follow the sprayer’s instructions to prevent any damage to your siding. The summer months are especially perfect for power washing your home as the sun rises earlier and goes down later. The extra hours in the day allows more time to get the job done, and this means more time to enjoy the outdoors.

2. Replace Your Windows

Old windows cause major heat loss during the winter months, which results in higher heating bills and lower levels of comfort in the home. If your last summer’s caulking of the windows didn’t stop the chill in the winter, it may be time to call a professional to replace your windows this summer.

3. Re-side Your Home

Nothing increases curb appeal quite like new siding. The right style transforms your house into the best looking house on the block. If your home’s siding is flaking and peeling just a few years after it was done, the siding may be past the point of another paint job. Old siding develops rot, mold, and mildew over time which makes it hard for the siding to hold paint. Worse yet, loose or missing boards reduce your home’s weather resistance, highering your heating and cooling bills.

4. Replace Your Front Door

You can spend hours and hours pruning, knowing, and weeding, but your home’s curb appeal will only be mediocre if your front door is cracked, warped and weathered. If your front door has seen better days, replace it this summer so you’ll have a new door before the winter and a new look this summer.

Plan Renovations with House Lift

If you’re planning any summer home improvement projects, give House Lift a call! We give free consultations where a remodeling expert can help you plan your project realistically and accurately. Contact us and start planning your home upgrade this summer!

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