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5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

The summer heat is fading fast and it won’t be long before fall and all its vibrant sounds, smells, and colors arrive. It’s the season to pick apples, sip cider, and snuggle indoors. Here are 5 ways to prepare your home for fall.

1.Festive Fabrics

As you transition your home from summer to fall, textures are everything. Heavier-looking fabrics add warmth to your home, and simple addition of velvet, plaid, or leather can be just the right touch for fall decor. Instead of investing in totally new furniture pieces, consider adding a few throw pillows or blankets to your space.

2. Hearty Hearth

It’s time to start gathering around the fireplace with your family and friends to enjoy each other’s company. The warmth of the hearth and the smell adds Midwest fall notes to any gathering space. If your fireplace isn’t functional, decorate ith split logs or pines boughs to create a centered feeling.

3.Moody Monochromatic

The latest clothing fashion and interior design trends keep like colors together. Mixing shades of white and cream or lighter blues is also a popular trend and immediately streamlines your space. If you want to embrace a classic fall hue, add golds, olives, tans, or brown to cozy up your home.

4.Cozy Corners

Creating a comfortable vibe in your home is in style right now and perfect as you transition your home into fall. Try this in your home by using natural materials, like hardwood, or by using cozy furniture pieces that invite people to hunker down with a hot chocolate and a good book.

5.Bold Backsplash

Most of us barely notice backsplash tile, but designers are moving towards bold backsplash to give the kitchen character. Bold backsplash draws the eye to the kitchen, where food is prepared, bringing a family-style feeling of the kitchen, perfect for the colder months.

Facelift with House Lift

Give your house a fall facelift with House Lift. Updating your house for fall can be overwhelming, especially if you want to be spending your time enjoying fall. Before starting your fall project, call a professional at House Lift. We give free consultations where a remodeling expert can help you figure out your project realistically and accurately. Contact us and start upgrading your Minnesota home for fall today.

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