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Building a Deck – What To Plan For

Whether you’re looking for another DIY home project or you simply want to add a deck to your house for functional purposes, the process is completely doable and enjoyable no matter your handyman abilities. Depending on the type and design of deck you want, there are variations in the procedure. In addition, you should consider your needs and your lifestyle before beginning the design process.

Planning Your Deck

Before diving right into the construction process, it’s important to consider the type of deck you want, what function you want it to serve, the size you can afford, and your budget. It’s a smart idea to start small, and then if down the road you decide you want to upgrade the size and quality of building materials, you can. Will the deck be a simple aesthetic piece, or will it be a frequent place of gathering for your large extended family? You should also consider the current layout of your yard — trees, bushes, patio space, etc. — before creating a game plan.

Size and Shape

A common homeowners’ rule of thumb is that the deck size should be no more than 20% of the size of the house. If you live in a warm climate and you enjoy spending time on your deck, however, you may want to consider creating a larger, more spacious deck. The traditional deck shape is usually rectangle or square, but a rounded deck may offer a more aesthetic touch to your home.

Reflect Your Lifestyle

Your in-home needs will differ greatly depending on the size of your family, your daily activities, and what you enjoy most. If you often have outdoor parties and want ample space, prioritize functionality and furniture that is comfortable and well-positioned on the deck. If you and your spouse are frequent grillers, consider making the deck more of a dining area than a relaxing, entertainment area. You’ll also want to strategize about the placement and quantity of furniture you choose to put on the deck. Make sure your deck is easily navigable and the furniture offers both quality and comfort.

Extension of Your Home

Instead of making your deck appear as a protruding element that sits awkwardly next to your home, you want the structure to blend in seamlessly with your house. Consider the materials used, the furniture, and the staircase when designing your deck. You want a smooth transition from the inside of the house to the deck and to the rest of the backyard.

Deck Maintenance

Wood decks naturally require more TLC. Decks of this material should be sanded, scrubbed, stained, or painted as necessary. If you created a plastic deck, you should wash it regularly. Consider adding an awning or cover to make your deck more comfortable or homey. You are now a certified do-it-yourselfer!

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