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Designing Your Home Office

While you’re working at home, you need a space dedicated to your work that’s breathable, comfortable, quiet, and designed just for you. So how can you design a functional and striking home office? Here are some things to consider:


Choose a part of the house that’s quiet or more private, ideally a room with a door and natural light. For added privacy and accessibility consider installing your home office adjacent to your bedroom. Wherever you decide to put your office, make sure it’s a place you can remain focused.


One of the benefits of designing a home office is the level of personalization that’s available. Whether you want a stand up desk or a large table, you can tailor your office space to your dream.

After you install your technology, plug everything into a power strip behind your desk so the cords are hidden for a safer and cleaner look. Invest in an elegant ergonomic-friendly chair so your eyes and body are protected while you work.


You need a space that’s comfortable and stylish. Choose overall neutral colors like white, grey, tan, and ivory. These neutrals aren’t distracting and can be paired with your favorite accent color (yellow, red, or blue) to add some brightness to your space.

Be intentional and find pictures and artwork that encourage you instead of distract you. Especially now, it’s important to surround yourself with things that inspire you.

Your Space

Make the space your own. Creating a home office is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your work while at home. It should be a place for productivity, not distraction, that enhances your work. Find your focus, and partner with the professionals at HouseLift to design your home office.

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