A living room decorated for fall after a dream home makeover by House Lift remodelers in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Elegant Decorating Ideas for Fall

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, there’s no better way to spend your day than indoors in a cozy, warm space designed to capture your unique taste and vision. Embracing the spirit of fall adds an extra element of festiveness to your home during the autumn season, while creating a welcoming environment for all who visit. Though trends vary from year to year, these classic, sophisticated tips for fall can ensure your dream home makeover will be stylish for years to come.

1. Paint Your Front Door

With the weather at the perfect temperature and the leaves starting to change colors, fall is one of the most opportune times to get creative with projects around the house, and there’s no better place to start than by painting your front door. A freshly-painted front door will enhance curb appeal for your home, and the color you choose can even elevate your mood throughout the winter. Consider painting your door a vibrant color, such as red, orange or yellow, depending on your style. While these colors blend perfectly with the fall season, they will also serve as a year-round mood elevator. In keeping with the fall spirit, you can even add a fall-themed wreath to your newly-painted door as well as potted perennial flowers. 

2. Elevate Your Lighting

Lighting can do wonders to enhance the mood of your home, particularly in the fall season when cloudier days arrive. Warm lightning is the coziest option for fall, and comes with a plethora of mental health and wellness benefits, including increased feelings of optimism and self-worth, increased capacity for gratitude, and decreased levels of anxiety and depression. Warm, cozy lighting options to consider this fall include swapping your bulbs for warmer-hued ones, lighting candles, and of course utilizing your fireplaces. The warm crackling glow of a fireplace is unmatched when it comes to welcoming the fall season. 

If you are interested in upgrading your lighting fixtures or adding a fireplace this season, be sure to look into home renovation companies near you to ensure you get the best design advice for your particular space.  

3. Upgrade Your Bathroom 

Now that the sun is hiding behind the clouds and temperatures are falling, more time will naturally be spent indoors, making fall the perfect season for tackling those home upgrades you’ve been dreaming about all summer. Namely, the bathroom. Whether you seek to expand your half bath into a full bath, remodel an existing one, or you wish to add a whole new bathroom to your home, working with a dedicated home renovation company is a great place to start. 

Simple adjustments in your bathroom’s design can go a long way, from upgrading your sink, toilet and shower fixtures to replacing countertops, cabinets and vanities. Perhaps you’d like to install a luxurious bathtub in time for the colder temperatures, complete with new lighting fixtures to set the mood. When it comes to designing your dream home makeover, your vision is your reality with the right home remodeling company. Decorative accessories, such as fall leaves, candles, pumpkins and gourds are the perfect finishing touches for completing your fall bathroom design. 

Welcome Fall with House Lift

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to design your dream home makeover, whether that be remodeling or renovating your bathroom or another area of your home, House Lift is the way to go for Twin Cities home remodeling. For over 30 years, House Lift has completed more than 1,500 Twin Cities home remodeling, renovation and addition projects. As a home renovation company, we love turning our clients’ dream home makeovers into reality. We take a consultative approach from the initial design through the completion of your project, and we even help navigate the process of getting any necessary permits or licenses. We believe that your home should be an uplifting space, so trust the Twin Cities home remodeling experts. We combine our renovation and remodeling expertise with dedicated customer service to make your home your favorite place to spend time, no matter the season. 

Contact us today so we can bring the remodel you’ve dreamt about to life this fall. 

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