A kitchen with natural light recently renovated by House Lift Inc of the Twin Cities.

Getting the Most Out of Your Home’s Natural Light

If you own a home, learning how to increase its natural light is likely on your wishlist. A home flooded with natural light is welcoming and makes us feel rejuvenated. Exposure to daylight has been linked to better moods and overall well-being. Increasing the natural light in a room makes colors more vibrant and décor more eye-catching. For many people, natural light is a “must-have” feature in a home, followed by a large garden and an open-plan kitchen or dining room. 

Poor natural lighting is often a reason why homeowners feel unhappy with their home’s appearance. Homebuyers also tend to find brighter homes more appealing than darker ones. When it comes to home design, we are always thinking of ways to boost natural light. If you are considering a dream home makeover, read on for the best ways to add more light.

Update Your Flooring

You’d be surprised how much of an impact the right flooring can have on your home’s natural light. Flooring can be transformed into light-friendly reflectors by choosing wood, ceramic or stone with a polished finish. Light wood floors, especially whitewash wood floors, have been around for centuries. Home renovation companies often suggest wood flooring because it helps create a relaxing and comfortable environment which adjusts well to the changing seasons. If you prefer carpet as a part of your dream home makeover, stick to light, neutral colors for best results.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

The right colors on the walls will make the most of any natural light that enters your home. Home renovation companies explain that it’s challenging to pick the right colors for rooms that get insufficient light; just having light colors on the walls is not enough. Rather, homes need to be painted with color that won’t be grayed out by shadows or low lighting. Instead, if you have a particularly dim room, painting with saturated colors is a wiser approach because light colors can appear dingy and won’t work as well to channel the natural light that is available. 

Increase the Amount of Glazing in Your Home

Glazing can be used to refer to anything that is transparent. For our purposes, window glazing refers to the kind of glass your windows have. Increasing the amount of glazing in your home is one of the most effective ways to fill it with more light. Options include increasing the size of your windows or upgrading inefficient or outdated windows. Installing new siding or bi-fold doors would also be effective because it will open up an entire wall of your home to natural light and provide a beautiful view of your garden or yard.

Let Us Fill Your Home with Light

Over the last 30 years, House Lift has completed more than 1,500 Twin Cities home remodeling, renovation and addition projects. As a home renovation company, we love turning our clients’ dream home makeovers into realities. We take a consultative approach from the initial design through the completion of your project. We even help navigate the process of getting any necessary permits or licenses. We believe that your home should be an uplifting space, so trust the twin cities home remodeling experts. We combine our renovation and remodeling expertise with dedicated customer service to make your home your favorite place to spend time. Your home is in good hands with the best home renovation company in the Twin Cities. Contact us today, so we can bring the remodel you’ve dreamt about to life.

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