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Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

It seems there are always improvements to be made to our homes. You might be focused on the big picture, aiming for basement renovations, new windows, or a complete home remodel. Don’t forget though that you can make big changes in just one weekend. Here are some ideas. 

1. Change your backsplash. 

If you’re thinking that changing the backsplash of your kitchen is a project only fit for a home remodel, there’s good news. It can be done in a weekend, without tearing out your existing backsplash. You can easily change its look by adding a fresh coat of paint. If you like a more modern look, mirrored tiles often come in adhesive sheets that can be easily applied. You can even add wood or tin. 

2. Install some interior wall paneling. 

Similarly to the back splash project, this is actually easier than you think. Sometimes changing the color of a room doesn’t do the trick. Instead add texture by installing paneling. Often it’s as simple as nailing it to your wall. The hardest part might be choosing the right texture and cutting out space for outlets, etc. 

3. Change the entrance of your home.

Add window boxes, paint your front door and shutters, and add some gardens. These generally small and inexpensive touches can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home. Try going dramatic with your door color! 

4. Put Dimmer Switches on Lights. 

This is another small touch that makes a huge difference! Get restaurant lighting in your kitchen or dining room with dimmers. Doing electrical work on your own may seem intimidating, but if you can build Ikea furniture, you can do this! Just be sure to get the right switch for your lighting, turn the breaker off before you start, and follow the steps often provided with the dimmer. If there are no instructions, it’s a simple Google or Youtube search. 

These projects take a small amount of time compared to a complete home remodel, but they change your space in big ways! Bring your space to life and make it unique, one weekend at a time.  

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