Image of a newly-remodeled home. Windows line the front of a brand new four-season front porch.

How to Transform Your Porch Into a 4-Season Space

One of the main benefits of updating or remodeling your home is maximizing your available space to suit your lifestyle. Transforming unfinished attics and basements into enjoyable, fully-furnished spaces are smart ways to accommodate your growing family. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to what you can update inside your home; it’s time to think outside of the box and extend your living space outdoors. When you are sitting outside, you want to enjoy the scenery, but you also want to be comfortable. But what do you do when it’s freezing during the winter and blazing hot during the summer? A four season porch is the perfect solution. Read on to find out how to make that a part of your dream home makeover.

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty in Comfort

A four season porch functions as an interior room made almost entirely of glass and windows that allows you to take in the views of the outdoors year-round. It is equipped with permanent heating and cooling, and it is included in the finished square footage of your home. This distinguishes it from a three season porch because three season porches are not equipped with any internal heating or cooling. 

What Your Four Season Porch Needs

Four season porches are usually connected to either the kitchen or living room so they can be easily heated or cooled. This also makes accessing the porch very convenient since you never have to go outside to access the space. To build a four season porch you have to make sure that:

  • There are three walls mostly made of windows
  • You have a sunroof
  • You have tile or hard flooring
  • You have a way for heat or A/C to be funneled into the porch

Four Season Porches Create Endless Possibilities

Four season porches are highly versatile spaces that you can mold to meet your needs. They can serve virtually any function or purpose. Some uses of your four season porch include:

  • Your home office: this space is sure to spark creativity and productivity.
  • Your indoor gardening room: if you have a passion for plants or flowers, you can use your four season porch as a greenhouse with built-in perks for relaxation, reading or listening to music.
  • Your playroom: regardless of whether it’s for you or your child, a four season porch is a great place for toys, pool tables and video games.
  • Your entertainment room: if you’re into movies or music, you can design a media room that combines cutting-edge technology with gorgeous outdoor views.

Are you ready for your dream home makeover? Many people choose to enclose their current porches by adding windows and walls to it and redirecting some of their heat or A/C to the enclosed space. Hiring professionals from a home renovation company is always the best option to make sure the job is done right the first time, which will save you money in the long run. 

Design a Four Season Porch with House Lift

Over the last 30 years, House Lift has completed more than 1,500 Twin Cities home remodeling, renovation and addition projects. As a home renovation company, we love turning our clients’ dream home makeovers into reality. We take a consultative approach from the initial design through the completion of your project, and we even help navigate the process of getting any necessary permits or licenses. Your home is in good hands with the best home renovation company in the Twin Cities. Contact us today, so we can bring the remodel you’ve dreamt about to life.

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