A couch with a throw blanket and text Hygge Home Ideas to Warm You Through Spring

Hygge Home Ideas to Warm You Through Spring

“Hygge” is a Danish and Norwegian word that defines the feeling of a warm, cozy, welcoming environment that inspires a sense of wellness, comfort, and conviviality. Hygge is a year-round value in Denmark and Norway, but as they enter their long dark winters, hygge goes into high gear. While Minnesota winters aren’t as intense as these northern neighbors’, we could learn a thing or two from them about how to prioritize the sense of hygge in our homes during the cold seasons. The House Lift team loves inspiring a sense of comfort in homes, and we’d love to share some hygge inspiration to make this season bright. 

1. Embrace Warm Lighting

Lighting has a transformative effect. Candles are considered hygge because of the gentle, warm light they provide. Proven to inspire relaxation, comfort, and light-heartedness, bringing out the candles in winter can ease the stress of cold commutes, uncooperative appliances and vehicles, and winter storms. In addition to candles, utilizing your fireplace and setting up twinkle lights are great ways to create hygge lighting and add a spirit of warmth and magic to your winter home. 

2. Get Snuggly

The comfort provided by blankets is so profound that’s been the subject of scientific research. Bringing more blankets into your space during the winter is another way to create hygge in your home. In addition to blankets, adding pillows and soft rugs evokes a sense of welcome while providing warmth and coziness. The soft texture of a rug beneath your feet calms the senses, and getting snuggly with your favorite throw and a good book brings bliss to cold nights. To take this a step further, create a dedicated “hyggekrog,” or cozy spot, beside a window. Adorn it with your favorite comfort items and enjoy a cup of cocoa without the buzz of electronics.

3. Display Your Antiques and Heirlooms

Bringing out items that hold extra emotional value, have meaningful stories, or inspire a sense of nostalgia are another lovely way to add hygge to your home this winter. These items turn your home into a storybook, inspiring conversation, curiosity and imagination. The change in decor will help you reconnect and rediscover your space, which will make you feel less cooped up as the winter reaches its later months. 

4. Use Books

Books play a key role in hygge culture. The act of reading itself brings comfort and helps build connection. Books also serve as functional decor; they are visually satisfying while providing a rich tactile experience, whether you’re a big reader or not. Adding texture with simple lines and colors, books also create a spirit of a space being lived in and experienced. You can even start with a book about hygge to further your home’s winter transformation.

5. Turn Your Bathroom into a Retreat

Believe it or not, bathrooms are a big part of hygge homes. Adding a small wooden chair or table to house gently rolled fluffy towels, a plush bath mat, plants and candles will transform your bathroom into a place of comfort. Bring in hidden storage to hide away plastic bottles and less charming supplies to create an overall look of loveliness. Guests will appreciate the sense of care you’ve put into the space as well, a wonderful value of hygge. 

Build Hygge into Your House with House Lift

We hope you’ll try out these hygge tips to make your home a warm, inviting haven all winter long. If you’re interested in renovating or remodeling your space to keep the hygge spirit going all year, contact us at House Lift. We value the goals and inspiration of our clients, working with you from planning to completion to deliver the results you’ve dreamed of. Whether you’re looking to transform your basement, build an addition, or renovate or remodel the main floors of your house, House Lift provides expertise, care, high-quality work, and of course – the spirit of hygge. Contact us today, and let’s start making your dream a reality. 

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