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Living Room Trends | Must-Haves In 2019

The people have spoken, and the hottest trends for 2019 living room design are in. We picked some of our favorites, so read below to learn about how you can bring your A-game to the interior decorating department.

Compact Side Tables

These are ideal for freeing up space in your living room while also offering a functional furniture piece in the space. Structures made of metal with gold, silver, and bronze colors are very trendy right now, and these give your living room a clean-cut and chic look.

Ditch the Couch

No longer are couches a necessary staple for living rooms. Break the rules and invest in furniture that speaks to your style and personality instead; perhaps buy a intricately-designed yet comfortable bench or a group of fuzzy and frilly chairs for lounging. Depending on your space availability and the amount of activity that usually goes on in your living room, you can opt for fewer, smaller, bolder seats or you can offer one long, functional piece to provide comfort to your frequent guests.

The More, The Merrier

While minimalism had its day in the sun, maximalism is here – and homeowners are loving it. Instead of naked surfaces, muted colors, and clean spaces, be bold and choose furniture that is fun, colorful, and on trend. Here is your opportunity to place clashing colors and patterns together in one room. This style provides an environment that is unique to your particular preferences and makes guests feel welcome and happy.

Light Up the Walls

Wall lamps aren’t just for dorm rooms and small spaces. These items, along with sconces, are an intriguing alternative to traditional lamps and prominent light fixtures. Not only do these products require no tablespace, but they also provide a modern look, especially when choosing metal-crafted ones that contribute a powerful presence to your living room.

Seamless Transitions

If you are designing your home and want to stick to one style, consider crafting the themes of your living room with the rest of the house’s interior in mind. By incorporating elements into each of the rooms that offer a similar vibe, you can bring the home’s personality to life. For example, use similarly-colored furniture and patterns from room to room. This style is ideal for one-story ramblers or homes where rooms are open or doorless.

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors!

While mirrors in any room provide an essential functional benefit, these pieces can also make a room seem more exquisite, formal, or bright. Accompanied by clean, white furniture and large windows, mirrors can help open up a space and provide a radiant look to your living room. Consider adding a mirror or two to your living room to set a light and happy mood.


While 2019 trends encompass much more than this list, these are just a few of our favorites that we believe will help enliven your living room. Whether it’s more furniture pieces, contrasting colors, or simple, traditional structures, consider one of these popular styles to give your living room a flare of your personality.

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