Home Remodeling in Minneapolis

Home Remodeling in Minneapolis

A living room decorated for fall after a dream home makeover by House Lift remodelers in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Your Dream Home in Minneapolis

In any market, you can find and build your dream home.

Plan, design and find expert home remodeling in Minneapolis and make your house feel brand new. At House Lift, we can partner with you to upgrade your house. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen, add on to your living room or undergo a complete home remodel in Minneapolis, our designers and remodelers can bring your dream home to life.

Our Minneapolis team has established a design process to assist with any kind of home remodeling you want to accomplish. We will sit down with you and learn about your home plans and design ideas, bringing an expert eye and touch to the conversation.

Why move homes throughout Minneapolis when you can build your dream home where you are? With House Lift, we can design and upgrade any aspect and help with your home remodeling in Minneapolis.

Let’s create your dream home together. Contact House Lift in Minneapolis to get started.

Minneapolis’s Trusted Home Remodelers

Since 1991, House Lift has completed more than 1,500 home renovations and additions in and around Minneapolis. We have gained a deep familiarity with the Twin Cities area and have assisted in upgrading and remodeling homes of all shapes and sizes.

When you call our Minneapolis home remodelers, we take the time to listen to your wants and needs in your project. Whether you’re looking for a humble makeover or a complete home overhaul and upgrade, we want to help you build your dream home in Minneapolis. Our expert carpenters and remodelers can walk you through the process and offer guidance along the way as we work together on your project.

As a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the Better Business Bureau, we take pride in delivering top results through expert carpentry and remodeling services. Our time spent in
Minneapolis has helped us understand the trends of the market and the community.

Call the
Minneapolis home remodeling team you can trust. At House Lift, we want to turn your home dreams into realities.