The professionals at Houselift share tips for elevating your living space, like adding hard wood floors

Spruce Up Your House With These 3 Renovation Ideas

Spring is coming, and what better time than now to spruce up your abode? Taking the opportunity to renovate and reinvent comes with a host of benefits, like giving your home a fresh, new look with aesthetic appeal, and even increasing the value of your property. 

However, not every house renovation is created equal, and some can be more impactful than others. For inspiration, here are three renovation ideas that are functional and reflect your personal style and taste.

Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and for good reason, where people gather to cook, eat, socialize and make lasting memories. Kitchen updates can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your home. Consider replacing your old appliances with new stainless steel models, and add a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets to give them a new look. You can also update the cabinetry and countertops with granite or quartz, and add new tile or hardwood flooring. For the kitchen, the amount of renovation ideas is endless.

Add a Bathroom

Refreshing a master or guest bathroom is a go-to option if you must pick one room in the house to fix up — a bathroom remodel can include new tile, fixtures and an updated design to enhance the aesthetic and improve the functionality of the space. However, adding a new bathroom to your home can be a great way to increase its value. Whether you want to add a full bathroom or a half bathroom, there are many options to choose from. You can add a new bathroom to an existing space, such as a basement or attic, or you can create a new space by converting a closet or other unused area. When adding a new bathroom, be sure to consider the layout and design as well as the fixtures and finishes.

Add a Deck or Patio

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, and picnic and barbecue season is a couple of months away, adding a deck or patio can be a great way to add an outdoor living space to your home. Both are great places to entertain guests, relax and enjoy the outdoors. When building a deck or patio, be sure to consider the size, shape and location of the space. A professional contractor can consult with you to measure the dimensions of your backyard and the area a new deck or patio would best fit. You can also add built-in seating, a fire pit, or even an outdoor kitchen to make the space more functional and enjoyable.

Elevate Your Living Space With House Lift

Remember: a renovation is a big investment, so be sure to do your research and choose those that will have the most impact on your home — but also those which fit seamlessly into your budget. Take your time and consider the best renovation ideas that will bring the most value to your home.

The experts at House Lift can help get you started with renovation ideas and suggestions tailored to your living space and finances, while also keeping in mind the future equity and value to your house that a home improvement project can bring. 

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