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Starting Your Home Remodel Project with House Lift

With three decades of experience helping families improve their homes, here is what you can expect working with House Lift.

The first step

Once we understand what it is you are looking for, we will work together with you to create a plan that encompasses the full scope of your project.

Regardless of where you are in your own process, we are here to help you. Request a personal consultation for your project today.

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When we reply to your consultation request, we will ask some basic questions about what you would like to achieve. We will then set up a time to meet, see your home, and discuss your project with you in more detail.  We believe it is important for you to meet with an experienced professional to thoroughly understand your project and give you the best possible advice from the outset.  Good communication is essential to your successful project with House Lift.


Our design process

There are two project development options that we offer. Both are intended to lead toward the design and construction of your home. Please refer to the Project Development diagram on our website, for a picture of the two process options. The first focuses on basic projects. The second focuses on more complex projects.  The time to complete the design process can vary from several days for basic projects such as a bathroom or exterior upgrade, to a month or more for a larger project such as an addition or whole house remodel. 

Design is one of the most important aspects of any project. Having a clear design will help you to get exactly what you want, and will also make for a more accurate estimate of your cost.


The cost of your project

Cost depends on many factors. Some of these are the completeness and accuracy of your design, the scope of the work, the quality of materials and finishes, staying on budget and time, the number of workers needed, and the current level of material availability and pricing. 

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House Lift’s availability to do your project

Once you decide to go ahead with us, we can then get your project designed, determine the cost, finalize specifications and fixtures, sign a contract and schedule the work to begin.  How promptly we can begin your project will depend on our current schedule,  permitting (which can sometimes take a month or more due to city administrators’ availability), material pricing (which is also rising). A re-bid is occasionally necessary if the project was booked out far enough in advance. November thru April tends to be the best time to complete a project.


How long will construction take?

While some in-depth projects will take many months, the length of your project is primarily based on your project’s scope. The city permitting process can also affect the timing.  Many cities continue to process permit applications online. Once we begin your project, we will work continuously until it is complete. Changes to the project scope can result in additional costs and possible delays.  Do not hesitate to ask us for a more accurate estimate and current timelines based on the specifics of your project.


Our Carpenters and Subcontractors

We have long-term partnerships with our subcontractors. House Lift prides itself on the quality of the work we do and hold our subcontractors to the same standards we hold ourselves. We have in-house architectural design services that provide design and drafting for necessary projects. We also have our own carpenters on staff, who as a group, are experienced in all aspects of residential construction.  We believe this is important in order to maintain our high level of quality. 


House Lift’s experience and expertise

Based on 30 years of working with our clients to create and construct well-thought-out remodeled homes in the Twin Cities, House Lift strives to blend old with new in all of our home projects. We work predominantly in established neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. It is very important to us that your home remodel or new custom home fits in with the context of your neighborhood. From accurate historical restoration to incorporating more contemporary elements, we have the experience to meet your expectations.

2021 and beyond will be impacted by the pricing of materials and labor. Because of this, the earlier we can work together to get your project started the better. Contact us today to meet us and begin your process.

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