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Steps to (Finally) Finishing Your Basement

Homeowners are attracted to finishing a basement for a number of reasons. A finished basement adds usable living space to a home for recreation, exercise facilities, home bar and entertainment areas, and comfortable, private guest accommodations. Finished basements can also help homes stand out in the housing market, attracting higher offers. Finishing the basement also provides homeowners with an opportunity to check in on structural needs and important maintenance to keep the whole house in healthy shape. If finishing the basement has been on your list of things to do for a while, the remodeling and renovation professionals at House Lift have some helpful steps you can take to finally get your project moving along. 

Step 1: Identify Your Goals

The general idea of finishing a basement can float around for a while, but identifying the specific goals you’d like to achieve is the best way to jumpstart your project. Maybe you’re looking to add space for a growing family, have a more pleasant environment for laundry and recreation, or you’d like to create a home theatre experience. Perhaps you simply want to add resale value to your home. Whatever your needs may be, identifying your goals for your finished basement will kickstart your enthusiasm, keep you focused on the end result and help you determine the scope of what your project will entail. 

Step 2: Assess Your Basement 

Before you can get your basement finishing project off the ground, so to speak, you need to assess the current condition of your space. Check the foundation for cracks and other signs of damage and look for dampness which can point to leaks. Any issues affecting the integrity of your home’s foundation will need to be addressed before you can begin renovation. 

If you live in an older home, you’ll need to be mindful that your renovation may involve bringing aspects of your basement up to modern home construction codes. Make sure you know what wiring and plumbing capabilities are in your basement, and determine if you’ll need additional hookups. Identify these areas early on so that you can incorporate them into your renovation budget and design. By scheduling a consultation with a professional renovation contractor, you can get an estimate of what type of work will be necessary to prepare your basement for finishing. 

Step 3: Plan Out Your Design

Part of the joy of any remodeling or renovation project is planning out the design. Based on your goals for the use of your basement and any utilities you need to work around, create an inspiration board for the layout and materials needed for your project. If you’re working with a contractor to finish your basement, you’ll be able to share your design ideas and inspiration and get professional advice and guidance to ensure your project comes to fruition the way you envision it. 

Finish Your Basement with House Lift

House Lift has provided basement renovation services for old and new homes alike throughout the Twin Cities Area for more than 30 years. From the first free consultation to the finished product, we provide collaborative renovation services to make sure your finished basement turns out beautifully. Our clients provide the goals and inspiration and in turn, House Lift provides expertise, care, high-quality craftsmanship and top-quality materials. Our design staff, planners, consultants, project managers, carpenters and skilled craftsmen will help make your basement a cherished part of your home and maximize the return on your investment when it comes time to sell. Contact us today. Let’s get that basement finished.

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