A recently renovated home in Minneapolis, Minnesota features interior and exterior french doors allowing natural light to flood the room.

The Aesthetic Benefits of French Doors

Interior and exterior French doors have become a popular staple in home design over the years and they are easily recognizable by their rectangular window frames that extend down the door’s length. French doors made their first appearance in architecture in the 17th century and as France’s Baroque period flourished, so did the exploration of new artistic and architectural styles.

Back then, French doors were really just full-length windows that led onto balconies. They were later modified into operable doors, which allowed access to the balconies while letting in plenty of natural light. Their versatility and beauty makes them an ideal choice for patios and more. 

Thinking of adding an interior or exterior french door to your home? Read on as we discuss a few reasons why you should make them a part of your dream home makeover.

French Doors Provide Functionality

French doors were originally created to make small balconies accessible, but today, they aren’t only used for exterior purposes. Interior french doors can be used to connect rooms in your home and enhance the visual flair of your space. They can make rooms feel and look more spacious when opened up and create a cozy, comfortable space when closed. 

French Doors Create a Light, Refreshing Atmosphere

Exterior and interior French doors fill your home with natural light and provide a bright, open feeling to your space because they essentially function as windows. Replacing your windows with French doors can be a wonderful way to let more light into your home. You won’t have to sacrifice natural light for privacy either; unlike other door options that don’t include windows, French doors give you an enclosed space while also offering the ability to fill your space with light. There are hundreds of ways to design French doors with countless window options to choose from. 

French Doors Are Highly Versatile

While French doors can function as cute breezeways onto a patio or garden, they can be so much more than that. No matter what your design taste is or what you are envisioning for your dream home makeover, there is a French door that can enhance that aesthetic. As previously alluded to, they can be used for interior to exterior spaces, as well as interior to interior spaces. If you’re looking for a breathtaking doorway leading out onto a deck, an exterior French door is for you. If you’re looking for a home office space with a view into your children’s playroom next door, an interior French door is a perfect solution. When it comes to French doors, the possibilities are endless!

Let Us Transform Your Home

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