A kitchen with open shelving recently remodeled by House Lift, Inc. the Twin Cities.

When Is Open Shelving the Right Design Choice?

Open shelving is seen by some as a passing trend. A way of storing your things to match your new open concept but not an ongoing viable way to keep your house in order. Some may see it that way, but we do not. We believe that open shelving can be an excellent way to both showcase and store, making it an excellent design choice for your home. Here we will discuss when we feel it is best to utilize open shelving and how it can help your home makeover.

Open Shelving Adds a Breezy Feel to Your Interior

The visual impact of open shelving to your space can be easily understated until you see it for yourself. What sounds like a simple change becomes one of the more important visual aspects of your home. When you make the design choice to switch to open shelving, you are truly taking advantage of your space. You are giving your walls the chance to breathe, which allows the color palette and lighting to stretch out across the space. This evokes the feeling you were hoping to get when you made those choices and now — with open shelving — you can be enveloped in those feelings each time you step into your home. 

Open shelving helps the energy in your home flow from one room to the next. All of the positivity and love that fills your home is able to move about freely. This is true of all homes that have utilized an open floor plan. Open shelving is precisely what you need to solve your storage needs while helping improve air circulation at the same time.

Quickly Dish Out Dinner with Open Shelving

It might sound silly considering it’s your home and you arranged the kitchen, but when you are preparing a meal for your family, consider this: all of the confusion and chaos of a hungry family can lead to chaos and confusion in the mind of that evening’s cook. Rather than slam your way through the cabinets to find everything you need, why not have everything laid out in front of you?

In the culinary world the idea of mise en place is the golden standard for any cook setting up their station. Mise en place is the concept of putting everything ‘in its place’ prior to cooking.  Open shelving helps you to learn from the pros while still keeping your home tidy.

Use Open Shelving to Your Advantage

If either of the above scenarios apply to you, open shelving could be the right design choice for you. It’s a relatively simple home makeover that makes your interior feel spacious. You can trust House Lift to handle your interior makeover because we’ve completed more than 1,500 Twin Cities home remodeling, renovation and addition projects over the last 30 years. We take a consultative approach from the initial design through the completion of your project, handling each stage with care and customization. We can even help navigate the process of getting any necessary permits or licenses. Let us help you create a home you can be proud of – reach out to us to make your open shelving dreams a reality.


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