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Your Attic Space | A Transformable Room

Attics are no longer the place of dust-ridden antiques and mice. This home space is an easily transformable room that offers a prime opportunity for remodeling and creativity. Check out the ideas below for how to turn your attic into an aesthetic feature of your house.

A Bright Dining Room

If your attic is like most people’s, it has a few windows and room for improvement. You can create a unique dining experience by transforming your attic into a place where your family enjoys sun-filled meals together. Carve out space for more windows and let the light in!


Whether it’s an in-home office or an art studio, use your attic as a productive and creative space. Dedicate the top level of your home for your passion or your obligations, and make it your own.

Entertainment Center

Who said your primary television area has to be in the living room? Turn your attic into a hangout space and fill it with board games, comfy bean bag chairs, and a stereo system. Designate this area for your kids when they invite friends over so they have their own space and you can relax downstairs.

A Guest Suite

Your family likes to visit you all the time – the only problem? You never have a room for them to stay in. Transform your attic into the ultimate guest bedroom. Take advantage of this opportunity and incorporate large windows, a sleek wood finish, and homey decor.

Fitness Area

Don’t have a basement? Use the attic as the space for your spin bike and squat rack. Private and personal, hosting your fitness equipment at the top of your home can be the perfect refuge for you.

Relaxing Room

Always feeling stressed? Need that alone time to be seriously alone? Try recreating your attic to be a place of meditation, relaxation, and personal enjoyment. Decorate the attic with candles, fresh flowers, a yoga mat for meditating, a fireplace, and a cozy chair for curling up with a good book.

The attic today has such great potential — whether it’s that extra bedroom for your growing family or creating a space just for you, this area is the optimal setting for adding that room to your home that you’ve always wanted. Consider one of the options above if you’ve yet to decide how to renovate your attic!

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