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In-Home Office Design Inspiration

Designing your in-home work space can seem like a lot of work with little reward: you’re just going to do work there anyway, so what’s the point in making it pretty? If you spice up your office with your own unique aesthetic, however, you could feel more comfortable, motivated, and happy while you type all day. Read on for some of our favorite, trendy office designs.


This design means exactly what it says — minimalist. A modern and chic trend now, this design adds more than just a clean room to your home. Maintain a clutter-free desk to keep you focused and allow you to think clearly and creatively. A simple mason jar with a flower, a single desk drawer with only sticky notes and pens, and a versatile drawer that functions as a file organizer — these are some ideas to get you started. Minimalism will prevent distractions from getting in the way of your to-do list, and you’ll be able to do your best work, efficiently and effectively.


In stark contrast to minimalism, this style offers lots of creativity and allows you to embrace your inner “free spirit.” Use lots of green plants, flower pots, photos of nature, and bright colors like yellow and red to create a light and lively space. In addition, you can decorate your office with sentimental objects that tell a story and are expressions of your values and experiences. Items like boldly patterned rugs and an antique wooden chair can help create the down-to-earth vibe you’re seeking.


This design centers on making a “cool” environment that makes you feel legit. Products you could include are wood paneling, an aluminum desk, and a metal stool for a chair. Create a space that increases your motivation and reminds you of the value of hard work. By giving your office a distinctly “laborious” feel, you’ll be inspired to do your job and do it well when you sit at your desk.

Open and Warm

For this office space design, think warm and fuzzy. Elements such as large, beautifully crafted windows for lots of natural lighting, soft pastel colors, and comfortable furniture can give your office a “homey” feel and allow the room to fit seamlessly in your house. Place your favorite decorative pillow on your desk chair, set a blanket nearby, and decorate your desk with cute coffee mugs and photos of family and friends. Be your truest self in this work environment.


While there are significantly more options to designing your office space, these are our favorites and some of the most effective in terms of work motivation and comfort level. Consider each of these styles and identify which is most like you – and which style will get you to do your best work!

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