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Spring Cleaning Tricks for a Modern Home

Are you looking for great spring cleaning tips? Look no further. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer and the air is filled with fresh fragrance. This means one thing: it’s time for spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is deeply rooted in human history spanning every culture and country around the world. As winter turns to spring, we feel an energy of renewal that drives us to refresh and revive our homes. The dwellings we clean today, however, are quite different from those of our ancestors. Modern homes are larger, with more spaces and items to clean, including technology and appliances, making the task of spring cleaning a much larger undertaking. While doing a full-home spring spruce-up is a lot of work, the reward is spending those precious first warm days in a sparkling clean home. And with a few easy tricks, you can make the spring cleaning a lot more manageable. We know the value of feeling great about the home you’re in. Keep reading for our spring cleaning tips.

1. Start With a Game Plan

Before you embark on your spring cleaning journey, you need to map out your path and make sure you have all of the necessary tools and products. Make a room-by-room checklist of tasks that you need to complete, remembering to include the insides of kitchen appliances, the outsides of windows and reorganizing closets and drawers. Having a checklist helps you stay on track and keeps you from forgetting important tasks. You can also use your checklist as a guide when figuring out what cleaning supplies you’ll need. This is a great opportunity to replace old cleaning tools, and stock up on cleaning products. As modern home owners become more mindful of the impact of household cleaners on their indoor air quality, more environment- and health-friendly products have become available. Be on the lookout for verified ecolabels on bottles. If you can’t avoid harsher cleaners, make sure to add rubber gloves, eye protection and a mask to your list. 

2. Declutter and Purge

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to purge belongings that you’re not using or no longer need. Getting rid of unnecessary items not only makes your home look better, it makes it more functional and can also improve mental health. Reducing clutter in your home has been shown to improve concentration and reduce stress, enabling you to get more enjoyment out of your living areas. A spring cleaning purge also enables you to organize your storage areas, making them more accessible so you can find the items you need without digging. While purging, you’ll be able to clean shelves, drawers and the interiors of your closet spaces, where allergy-inducing dust likes to hide out. Bring items in good condition to a donation site to help make someone else’s spring time even more enjoyable. 

3. Clean Your Electronics

Modern homes are full of electronics, from computers to televisions, gaming consoles and more. These technologies make our lives simpler and provide us with entertainment. They’re also dust magnets. The dust gathered on and in our electronics also inhibits their function and reduces their lifespan. Use your spring cleaning time to thoroughly clean your electronics and their accessories. In addition to wiping down screens and surfaces, you’ll need to pay attention to the finer details of your devices as well. Architectural Digest has a helpful article that breaks down how to safely clean common electronic devices without harming them or yourself. Found here, this guide includes the right methods and products to keep your gadgets looking and working their best.

Renew Your Home with Spring Cleaning Tips from House Lift

We hope our spring cleaning tips make your home look better than it ever has. Spring cleaning gives us a closer look at how our homes are functioning for us and can inspire us to make changes to make them even more accommodating. If your spring cleaning experience gives you an idea of how you might want to renovate or remodel, contact House Lift. Over the last 30 years, House Lift has completed more than 1,500 home renovation, remodeling and addition projects on Twin Cities homes, both old and new. We take a consultative approach from the initial design through the completion of your project. We even help navigate the process of getting any necessary permits or licenses. House Lift believes that your home should be an uplifting space. We combine our renovation and remodeling expertise with dedicated customer service to make your home your favorite place to spend time. Contact us today, and let’s give your home a spring makeover. 

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