Interior shot of a wood-paneled kitchen.

Which Wood Styling Works Best in Your Kitchen?

When designing or remodeling a kitchen, homeowners quickly realize their kitchen cabinets are a major focal point. Deciding what styles and wood species work best for your kitchen can have a significant effect on the fluidity of your interior design style. Luckily, our consultants have some ideas on wood stylings you can consider for your kitchen. Are you ready for your dream home makeover? Keep reading as we dive headfirst into your wood styling options.

Wood Styling Option 1: Cherry

Upgrading a kitchen is full of possibilities. No matter what wood styling you choose, pick one that reflects your personality, as well as your home’s aesthetic. If you are looking for an elegant, timeless look, cherry wood may be for you. Cherry wood can be customized to match any theme with its natural reddish tinge. It is known for its luxuriously smooth graining, as well as beautiful natural characteristics like knots and fissures. Cherry is filled with character and it is a relatively softer wood when compared to oak, maple or hickory, so a gentle touch is important when maintaining it. Getting in contact with a twin cities home remodeling agency or home renovation company like House Lift is a smart idea if you are considering updating the woodwork in your kitchen.

Wood Styling Option 2: Hickory

Hickory is a mixture of heartwood and sapwood, which creates a gorgeous alteration between light and dark wood streaks. Its variation in tones, as well as its knots and fissures make hickory a perfect fit for log cabin-style homes where a rustic look is the goal. Consult a home renovation company to get expert advice on whether or not hickory is a good choice for your kitchen. 

Wood Styling Option 3: Birch

Birch is often mistaken for maple because they share many similarities, but birch has a flavor that makes it truly unique. While maple is a popular choice for dressers and hardwood floors, birch is a great choice for your kitchen because it is affordable and durable. Birch hides scratches well and if you value versatility, affordability and durability, birch is the wood for you.

Transform Your Home with House Lift

Over the last 30 years, House Lift has completed more than 1,500 twin cities home remodeling, renovation and addition projects. As a home renovation company, we love turning our clients’ dream home makeovers into realities. We take a consultative approach from the initial design through the completion of your project. We even help navigate the process of getting any necessary permits or licenses. We believe that your home should be an uplifting space, so trust the Twin Cities home remodeling experts. We combine our renovation and remodeling expertise with dedicated customer service to make your home your favorite place to spend time. Contact us today so we can choose the best wood styling for your kitchen and bring the remodel you’ve dreamt about to life.

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