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Tips For A Kid-Friendly Home

A beautiful and kid-friendly home is within reach, here are a few tips as you design or remodel your bathroom, living room, and kitchen to create a stylish and family-friendly home.

The Bathroom

To achieve a safe and convenient bathroom, consider installing a separate shower and bath, instead of a combination of the two. Design a “wet zone” to keep the water confined and place the shower next to the bath with a glass wall dividing space from the rest of the room. For flooring, large-format tiles are easy to maintain, and the designs are both modern and classic, so you can enjoy function and style.

The Living Room

A living room adjacent to the kitchen not only gives a communal feel to your home, but also allows you to keep an eye on your children while they’re playing or doing homework. This layout will bring your family together in unexpected ways that matter most. Unless you have a separate playroom, you’ll need to keep this space tidy while housing the kid’s toys. Find furniture that’s stylish and storage-friendly, like an ottoman or sofa with hidden storage. Designate a few bookshelves or cupboards for books and toys. This way, your living room will be a place the whole family can enjoy together.

The Kitchen

In your kitchen, you will never regret installing an island. A walk-around island allows your kids to walk around the space as meals are being prepped or dishes are being washed without being in the way. Consider a double-entrance into your kitchen to control foot-traffic in the kitchen while adding a unique design element to your kitchen. A mid-mount wall oven is a safe option to protect your children from hot surfaces and provides convenience as you check on dinner.

A Home For Your Family

Designing a kid-friendly house is all about your family’s lifestyle and needs. Work with House Lift to remodel and renovate your home for your family, contact us to start today!

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