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5 Summer DIY Project Ideas

Your home and outdoor spaces are full of untapped potential! As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, the opportunity to change up your space with a do-it-yourself project is even more at hand. The process is rewarding, and the end result is uniquely yours, naturally adding character. Here are some DIY projects you can try this season. 

1. Build a Fire Pit 

A fire pit is a great addition to any outdoor space. It adds ambiance and even promotes community. You can use it to grill too! Choose a pit that’s right for your style and the size of your space. Don’t forget to check your local laws for rules and restrictions on outdoor fires.

2. Make a Garden

We recommend building a raised garden bed. Its simplicity and versatility make it a smart addition to any yard. Choose the size and style you want for your garden bed and gather materials. Don’t forget the soil! Your new garden will give a polished look while displaying pretty flowers or providing fresh herbs.  

3. Create Fun Lighting 

New lighting is one of the biggest contributors to a kitchen, bath, or home remodel, but even small changes can improve a room. There are many options and styles to choose from. Consider making a hula hoop chandelier or outdoor torches out of wine bottles! You can even add Christmas lights to outdoor games like volleyball nets or corn-hole. Whatever project you choose, simple and fun DIY lighting will make a big difference. 

4. Create Decor with What You’ve Got 

DIY decor projects and crafts can make use of everything from old tires to tin cans. Whether you’ve got old pool toys or flip flops that the kids have grown out of this year, chances are high that you can turn ordinary extras like these into fun decorative accents. Take inventory and then use a Pinterest search and your creativity to find the perfect home decor project. 

5. Change up Colors 

A little paint can go a long way! Painting an accent wall is a simple but strong way to change the feel of a room. Keep in mind though that you can also update the color of lamps, tables, outdoor furniture, pictures frames, clocks, and more. Without doing a home remodel, you can make a room feel new by treating some of your pieces with fresh colors. Make sure to get the proper paint for each material. 

Get creative this summer and try one or more of these ideas! 

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