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Popular Bathroom Designs for 2023 Remodeling

Because it serves so many functional purposes, the bathroom often tends to get overlooked when it comes to design in favor of other rooms in the house. But given that it’s an extension of them, shouldn’t it reflect the same unique, personalized decor you’ve inhabited those spaces with?

Now that 2023 is here in full swing, make it a redesign resolution (We just coined that term!) to give the bathroom some love as a place where form meets aesthetics and utility meets beauty. Looking for the best bathroom remodel ideas? Here are some ideas we expect to continue trending this year.


Terrific Terrazzo

Terrazzo is making a comeback in a big way for popular bathroom designs thanks to the stone’s speckled, flecked appearance. Like fingerprints, no two are alike, lending a light, playful sensibility when it’s used as flooring or tiling for bathroom counters, shower walls or accented surfaces. Available in most colors (and a great complement to any marble/granite surfaces present in the bathroom), terrazzo is statement-making without overwhelming the space in its retro-yet-modern character.


Unique Tubs (and Toilets, Too)

No longer just mainstays that serve their purpose and no more, bathtubs and toilets are becoming as much of a focal point as vanity mirrors, lighting fixtures and other elements that get most of the attention as bathroom remodel ideas. Freestanding bathtubs mean the opportunity to get creative in their designs and colors; translucent tubs and shapes influenced heavily by Japanese design create an artistic, decorative flair, which is a departure from the standard classic white basin towards a more spa-like feel. 

“The use of interesting colored ceramic toilets matching both recessed and bowl sinks is in high demand. You will see this trending,” say Renata Vasconez and Samantha Gallacher, co-founders of IG Workshop.


Getting Colorful

We expect nature-inspired designs and organic, sustainable materials will be heavily focused on this year in every room of the house, but none more so than the bathroom, where warm and cool color palettes hearken the sand, the sea and other earthy tones. Combine various beiges and browns for a natural look across the room, or diversify with various shades of the same color to conjure warmth and comfort. Oceanic blues and seafoam greens will also be popular this year, lending a fresh feeling to the space. Olive and leafy green colors appeal to the eye in tiles, marble veining and accent colors. And pinks, peaches and corals give some warm pops of color in bathrooms with neutral tones and backgrounds.


Make Small Spaces Bigger

Even small bathrooms can have big personalities with the right design touchpoints and bathroom makeover ideas. Create the illusion of more space (and this goes for any room in the house) with mirrors and mirrored surfaces, including glossy or reflective accents to add to the effect. Frameless glass shower stalls also lend to a more spacious and seamless-looking (and minimalist) bathroom with their lack of hardware. And like freestanding tubs mentioned above, lone-standing sink basins — complete with spa-like faucet fixtures mimicking the open flow of a waterfall — conjure character when space-saving needs prevail.


Lending an Artsy, Thoughtful Touch

It’s a myth to think that artwork or anything with artisanal touches doesn’t belong in the bathroom, like it must remain a clinical, pragmatic space and nothing more. Not only does that limit your options for beautifying the bathroom in myriad ways, it’s a 2023 redesign trend we hope is here to stay. Consider artwork, statement chairs, handcrafted tiles, hardware or crafts that create a sensibility of class, sculpted tone and whimsy for a curated and picturesque feel. In addition, consider accenting the bathroom with textures, even if it’s just thoughtfully updating bath runners, towels or vanity accessories.


Looking for more bathroom remodel ideas?

New Year, new bathroom — it’s a simple decision with endless possibilities in store. Where do you start? House Lift has been helping guide thousands of Twin Cities residents in their journeys to remodeling, renovating and adding to their homes for the last 30 years. From consultation to completion, we see every project from start to finish with care and customization. Ready to put some ideas into practice? Contact us to learn more. 

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