The professionals at Houselift offer tips for the best kitchen designs in 2023.

The Best Designs for a Kitchen Renovation in 2023

When it comes to renovating what’s (in)arguably the most important room in the house, there are kitchen remodel ideas, and then there are kitchen remodel ideas. 

It’s a bona fide make-it-or-break-it situation, since choosing the former could run the risk of sinking money into the wrong renovation effort (and maybe diminish the value of one’s abode). But choose the latter, and the most tastefully done kitchen renovation ideas can be statements combining artistics and aesthetics, a wise Investment — with a capital I — into your home for years to come. 

Should you switch out your seating? Restyle your wood? Yes, and yes. Which other directions should you take your kitchen to give it some modern-style upgrades that are beautiful, family friendly and make all the difference in giving it that “wow” factor? Thankfully, you don’t need to swap out everything including the kitchen sink (though you could do that, too), to give your space some new life. Read on for some renovation inspiration.

The Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2023

Prioritize your needs when thinking about a kitchen remodel, since some upgrades may be superfluous to your space. Does a certain upgrade serve a functional purpose? Does it make the kitchen more inviting as a gathering place? Is less more, or vice versa? Sometimes, a few key changes can transform your kitchen and give it new character. 

Here are some ideas to get started:

Build a Foundation

A kitchen’s color scheme sets the palette for the space and serves to unify the style, decor and overall vibe a renovation should ultimately achieve. Decide on colors to bring a pleasant, inviting vibe to your kitchen. Lighter colors for the walls, cabinetry, refrigerator, etc., are the newest trend to make spaces look brighter, airy, cheery and modern, but opt for darker colors if the remainder of your design strategy — like a dark kitchen with black-hued paint, surfaces, hardware and accents to match — suit your personality and design aesthetic. 

Don’t discount the power of color contrasts in your kitchen. You might choose a wood finish for specific surfaces with a contrasting grain that calls out the color you choose for paint or wallpaper, lending a purposeful, sophisticated intent that will be immediately eye-catching. Look at choosing your kitchen’s palette like creating a foundation — a template — from which to build, add or augment any renovations you wish. Here, there are no rules … only your own creativity. 

Rethink Surfaces 

When we talk about open spaces or flow in a kitchen space, it’s often in reference to kitchen islands. One that offers plenty of seating and legroom for dining, doubles as a food prep area, offers storage up top and open shelving along the perimeter, and with enough room for foot traffic strikes the right balance, but remember size in relation to your kitchen’s dimensions: too small makes for a cramped space that defeats the purpose of an island; too big, and it can overwhelm.

Coordination and harmony are key, and if you’re thinking of installing an island as a focal point, its surface should match the rest of the kitchen’s, which presents an opportunity to upgrade outdated countertops. Invest in quality materials that can withstand the rigors of cooking. Marble is ideal, but for a less pricey, more sustainable alternative, consider quartz since it’s aesthetically pleasing, nearly unbreakable and best of all, more affordable.

Open up Doors to Possibilities

The right cabinetry says so much since it takes up the majority of your kitchen space, working to pull everything together. Replacing dated cabinetry with new, modern or timeless designs effectively “rebrands” your kitchen and the remainder of the space as one of the best kitchen remodel ideas. Shaker style? Louvred? Flat panel? Custom? Or just repaint your current cabinetry? Let your tastes guide you to the types of cabinets your kitchen deserves, but also keep practicality top of mind. Cabinets are meant for storage, so how do they best serve their function?

Remember that your upper cabinets will get the most access; they need to make room for plates, bowls and serving ware required for each meal. Panes of cabinet glass allow you to see where everything is. Since lower cabinets can store unbreakable and more non-essential items, consider open shelving as a design choice — also ideal for adding decorative flourishes. 

Balance the Modern With the Vintage

With their sleek, matte finish, stainless steel appliances are not only durable, easy to clean and energy efficient, but they also lend a modern air to any kitchen. 

If you do nothing else, replacing your old refrigerator, stove range and oven, dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven, etc., with new appliances replete with new, upgraded tech (think barista machine vs. old fashioned drip coffee maker) immediately elevates the kitchen experience, making cooking and preparing food more seamless. Design experts suggest this type of upgrade for a very good reason: remaining with your old appliances might remind you too much of your old kitchen, preventing you from fully involving yourself in your revamped space.

That doesn’t mean all your kitchen accouterments need to be shiny and modern. Since everything old is new again, consider choosing kitchen hardware — drawer pulls, cabinet handles, faucet fixtures and other accents and accessories — made of vintage or antique materials, like bronze, copper or aged silver, enabling the modern and the rustic to complement, rather than compete, with each other.

Illuminate the Space

Full renovation or just carefully curated upgrades to your kitchen aren’t given the justice they deserve if the proper lighting isn’t in place to see them in all their beauty. Lights are too often an afterthought to a kitchen renovation. Your lighting, on the other hand, can itself become as much of a focal point or statement piece as other characteristics of your kitchen, as obvious or as discreet as you wish. Pendant lighting, island lighting, chandeliers, semi-flush, recessed, ambient … the possibilities to light the way and set the mood are near limitless.

Renovate and Reinvent

The best thing about a kitchen renovation is that it can be done gradually in stages, in one fell swoop, or simply by upgrading certain existing elements with new pieces that fit well with your current decor. And there are options and opportunities to fit every budget, no matter what your vision for the ideal kitchen.

House Lift has the experience, knowhow, skill and care for its craft to make these design dreams a reality. We’re proud to serve homeowners in the Twin Cities, helping them achieve their ideal home remodels that are inspired and unique, from concept to completion, no matter how big or small. We’re happy to offer a consultation to get you one step closer to your dream kitchen in 2023.  

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